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Smart Access

Smart Access is a proxy service that compatible with most platforms. With Nexitally’s global elastic network, it offers a smart, simple, and reliable way to access the real internet without any restriction. We cooperate with top tier ISPs to handle problems like regional copyright restions, HD video streaming, massive data transmission.

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High availability

Nexitally has its own global elastic network with massive bandwidth which processes over 100TB data monthly. Over 100 pops around the world ensures that our service is reliable at any time.

Elastic software architechture

Smart Access can run in both official client softwares and third-party softwares. Most operating systems(IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Chrome, Linux) and hardwares(routers, Apple TV, Android TV) are well supported.

Stables and powerful network architechture

Nexitally provides a number of network connection solutions. PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, Smart Access, ShadowsocksR are all compatible with our service. Our mature official client softwares are able to work in complicated and flexible network circumstance.

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